Why Does ITN Exist? 

A major film festival can be a severe experiment in sensory overload – the sheer volume of films premiering and having their first critical reactions, celebrities walking the streets, brands loudly hawking their wares, numerous parties happening all at the same time. At Sundance, that’s all magnified times ten, plus you have altitude sickness, snow and ice, and public transportation to deal with. Into the Noise is a really beautiful way to introduce some intentionality, some reflection, and some community into the experience. And those are three things we can all use more of in our lives.
— Michael Dunaway, film editor at Paste Magazine

Into The Noise represents a more dynamic and intentional engagement with popular culture and the makers, thinkers, and creators in our world.  We travel Into The Noise during today’s most eminent festival experiences in order to explore the cultural stories being shared and the many ways those stories disrupt and transform us.

We ask each person to bring their whole selves to the spaces of these festivals as we experience and engage the stories being shared and explore how they impact the stories we are living. 

Into The Noise approaches each festival communally and thoughtfully, engaging topics such as: 

  • Identity
  • Spirituality
  • The Environment
  • Technology 
  • Race
  • Sexuality
  • Poverty 
  • Gender Roles
  • Media 
  • Social Justice 
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Into The Noise exceeded every expectation I had, and was truly a week full of unique experiences. It was very refreshing and encouraging to sit in a room full of people wrestling, contemplating, sharing, engaging around the same topics that I think about so often, but usually feel alone in.
— Tim, after Into The Noise trip to SXSW